Work at HoffmannGastrock

We are interested in growing and strengthening our team. We’re looking for people who share our values, have the right track record and fit well in the company culture.

We work as a team and we enjoy our working environment.
We are interested in listening to people, rather than selling to them.
We are looking for self-motivated people who are able to work in a flexible environment.
We need people who want to be really good at what they do, and who enjoy being successful, however they may define success (this might not necessarily be financial reward).

We offer an alternative working environment, with a flat management structure and without targets that are measured in figures. Our colleagues work hard to understand a wide breadth of markets, companies and people. We are interested in working with those who are motivated to think on behalf of the company and its customers, and are capable of building sustainable, long-lasting relationships.

It is therefore essential for our employees to have strong analytical abilities, a focused work-ethic and great communication skills.

We have a track record of hiring graduates from areas such as the Humanities, but we are always looking for people with strong academic results in any field, as long as their skills are transferable. We are also keen on talking to those who have previous work experience, whether this is in the search and recruitment sectors or another industry.

There are also opportunities for undergraduate or post-graduate students to take up part-time employment or internship placements as work experience.

A strong proficiency in English and German is necessary, and additional language skills are desirable.

Get in touch if you would like to talk to us: