Areas of expertise

Our driving force is to understand highly specialist requirements and complex relationships. Our adaptability across functions and sectors is one of our core strengths. Combining tried and tested methods with the team’s breadth of expertise, we treat each new scenario with a fresh approach, ready to pick up on the nuances of each new project.

Working in an international context, with large companies and corporations, is our forte. Our track record shows that our greatest successes have been in search scenarios for expert positions rather than in generalist roles.

Industry focus

Our core expertise lies in the advisory and consulting sectors, where we have deep insight and a broad network. Our expertise spans global strategy and management consultancies as well as small niche consultancies and internal consulting organisations.

We work in the consulting sector at all career levels, from Analyst to Partner, and in all functional areas and industry practices. We also support experienced consultants with career moves out of consulting into in-house positions.

We have a deep understanding of the financial services industries, and support banks and insurance companies who are in search of specialists and executives.

One of our core specialist sectors is the energy industry, with a particular strength in energy trading.

Furthermore, we work in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, electronics and the process industries (chemical, pharmaceutical and FMCG).

Functional expertise

A large aspect of our work is related to the CFO function and within risk management, particularly financial risk management.

Other areas we specialise in include accounting, controlling and treasury and we have expertise in tax, compliance and audit.

We also focus on core operations processes: product development, purchasing, logistics and production as well as the overarching functions in the area, such as supply chain management and quality management. We have a particularly thorough understanding of lean manufacturing.

We are building a track record of work with HR professionals in the areas of compensation and benefits, recruiter positions and talent management, organisational development and change management.

In long established client relationships, we have also shown that it is possible to successfully place individuals in roles in which we may not have had previous experience.

Finally, we have particular expertise in working on roles where consulting skills are required. These may include positions that focus on M&A, strategic development, restructuring, reorganisations, or the management of complex projects.