Finding the right person

We actively approach professionals who have the skills and experience required to meet our clients’ needs. All our searches are determined by our person-centered approach, using our network of contacts and our research tools, rather than simplistic database matching.

We measure our work by the results we achieve. This means that we take a down-to-earth approach; for example, we are straight-talking when we feel a client request is not realistic, or if it appears a search may not be successful. In other words, we communicate clearly and honestly at every stage, based on our experience.

Our work is performance-based, which means we charge no fees for services other than delivery. And we do not ask for payment upfront.

We handle each project as a team, so that we can effectively blend research, approach and project management. Each individual in the team continuously experiences the market from different perspectives, giving us the benefit of always being in touch with current trends and developments.